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Claims management

It is important to understand precisely what a claim is, how it works and what to expect from it when processing it. There are two types of claims, your own claims toward the third-party and third-party claims toward you. Sometimes the parties can deal with both types in the form of claim and counterclaim. And it occurs when there is a nonconformity following the award of a contract. A claim may require extra work, equipment, material or in the form of Extension of Time. It must be correctly substantiated with the right arguments and documentation to succeed. Only when it is properly quantified and defined, then a successful result can be in reach. This is where the right expert can provide guidance and support to implement an accurate and successful claims strategy which can result in reimbursement of costs and/or EOT award. Our services include the required support, guidance, and advice to implement a successful claim strategy to obtain client’s claim objectives.

Contract management

Contract management also called contract lifecycle management or CLM which deals with managing contracts, from the beginning of negotiations up to completion of the awarded contract. It also deals with termination of contract or part of the work by parties and in some cases restitution of the contract. The vital requirements during the contract management process are negotiating the terms and conditions, drafting of contract, risks assessments and mitigation, financial analysis, supplier /contractor selection and finally awarding the contract. For all these stages of contract management there is need for a right expert to provide advice, assist, and support. We are a liable partner for every step of the way, from initial negotiations up to award of the contract.

Dispute settlement

For every commercial disagreement that occurs along the way of executing a contract, the starting point should be finding the right expert to guide and facilitate while trying to achieve an amicable settlement. And when it seems to be out of reach assist with finding the right solution to resolve disagreements between the parties. When the dispute resolution is the last remedy, it can be achieved through mediation or litigation. Though conflicts are generally more complicated and time consuming than commercial disputes. While implementing mediation attempts the right expert can provide parties with dispute resolution methods to assist negotiators to put aside their disagreements and try to attain settlements. When these attempts are ineffective, help with steps toward a level higher and into the arbitration. We have the experience and knowledge to help our clients in all stages of the process. Standard contract such as FIDIC, LOGID and NEC are among our expertise.

Arbitration and litigation

Legal litigation can be executed through civil proceeding at domestic courts or arbitration institutes and in case of cross-border disputes through international arbitration. Therefore, claimants and respondents need the experts to instruct them with the right actions and warn about the improper decisions. Someone who with the knowledge of the rules of litigation and arbitration, one that understands the process, jurisdiction and the applicable law systems. We have the knowledge and know-how of various law systems; we can be part of your team to counter every challenge proactively. We have the experience and hands-on skill to deal with disputes in a wide range of situations. We have provided legal services to various sectors, including energy, construction, transport, finance, and investment industry.
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